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jhon smith



My name is Jhon Smith and I represent several multinational online casinos. Some of you I have worked with extensively in the past and others not at all.

As the subject of the email indicates we are looking for poker related websites on which to place “contextual adverts” for our poker rooms.

My Requirements is :

(1) min PR of 1
(2) poker related sites only
(3) domain name has a poker related word/expression in it (ex: www.bluff.com, pokerblog.es)
(4) langs = DE, ES, NL
(5) max. number of external followed links of 20

Recently we have found the quality of websites being sent to us to be very poor. There is also the issue that 3rd party link brokers are all accessing the same lists and so most sites have been sent to us several times before.

I have no set budget to work with and so there is serious money to be made by individuals who are able to find new sites and not the same old lists that get sent to us again and again.

I hope this explain how we work and I encourage you to send me lists of NEW sites that add here to the criteria set out above.

Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards
Jhon Smith
SEO Media Buyer

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